The City Tabernacle Baptist Church in adherence to the strict coronavirus (COVID-19) government rules is no longer subject to strict lockdown, but remains subject to some restrictions. Inclusive is the requirement to wear masks and changes to the number of persons allowed in indoor gatherings.


For this Sunday (17/1/21), to enter the City Tabernacle Baptist Church:


Masks - must be worn inside the church at all times, including while singing, except for:

a) Infants and children under 12 years of age; or

b) Persons who have a physical or mental health illness/condition which makes wearing a mask unsuitable; or

c) The Pastor and those involved in leading the worship who are permitted to preach, read, and sing unmasked at the front of the church to facilitate the recording of the service for online broadcasting and to assist those who are hearing impaired.


The church will have a limited supply of spare masks available, however, those attending services are strongly encouraged to bring and wear your own mask.


Venue Capacity

We have returned to a total overall venue capacity of 1 person per 4 square metres. Although we have had our maximum permitted numbers restricted for some time, we are able to use the space available across the auditorium, upstairs gallery and parlour to accommodate as many attendees as permitted under the current rules.



Sunday 17th January 2021 at 10:30am.


Today our online morning service is presented by Rev Phillip Gunton from John 20:19-21, with a message called "Why Church Attendance?".
— Here is the 'Order of Service' that this weekends' Church Service will use.



A video recorded Service for COVID-19.


Today our online morning service is presented by Rev Neil Bernard from Hebrews 4:1-12, with a message called "The Rest of God".
— Here is the 'Order of Service' that this weekends' Church Service will use.


Morning Service


Please click on the picture above to watch the online video of the previous week's recorded morning Church Service. (Updated every Sunday.)






10.30 am        Morning Worship

 6.30 pm         Evening Worship



COVID-19 giving at City Tabernacle 


Each year, the City Tabernacle Baptist Church membership decides the financial aspects of Our Ministry Plan. Gifts to Our Ministry Plan are only used for the Ministry Costs of the Church and for the support of Outreach, Missionaries and Missions. In 2019/20 approximately 36 cents of every dollar given to the Church will support Outreach, Missionaries and Missions.


Click here for details on how to give.



For God, King and Country 


The life stories of the World War I servicemen and women of the City Tabernacle Baptist Church Brisbane... download the free book.






Download & Playback previous Sermons & Special Events or Recorded Occasions...





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