The City Tabernacle Baptist Church a community of people who are growing in their love for God, their love for Gods Word, their love for each other and their love for the world in which God has placed them.


Strategically located in the Brisbane's inner city, this church has been witnessing to the saving power and grace of God for over the past 160 years.



Sunday at 10.30am


Our physical service is presented at 10.30am


Previous Sunday Morning Services are available on Facebook or archived via the Vimeo links below:


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Giving at the City Tabernacle 


Each year, the City Tabernacle Baptist Church membership decides the financial aspects of Our Ministry Plan. Gifts to Our Ministry Plan are only used for the Ministry Costs of the Church and for the support of Outreach, Missionaries and Missions.


Click here for details on how to give.





10.30 am        Morning Worship

 6.30 pm         Evening Worship


'Current Order of Service'


eBooks that feature the lives and service of men and women associated with & from the City Tabernacle Baptist Church, are available for free downloading.


PDF eBook - Sent Forth from the City Tabernacle 

The life stories of the men and women who were sent out as missionaries or pastors the City Tabernacle Baptist Church Brisbane... download the free book. [Approx 57MB.]


PDF eBook - For God, King and Country 

The life stories from the World War I... download the free book.


PDF eBook - For God, King and Country 

The life stories from the World War II... download the free book.